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While rumors have “floated” for decades that California will someday slide into the ocean from the San Andreas fault line, another earthquake fault line goes right through middle America. The New Madrid Fault is said to be a major seismic zone that could be responsible for massive damage at some unpredictable date in the future. The New Madrid Fault is named after a little town in Missouri where the fault line begins. In addition to the small town, the fault line threatens parts of seven states: Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. In 2008, FEMA said that a 7.7 or greater magnitude quake would cause “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States” and said damages would be widespread and catastrophic. Clearly, there is the potential of drastically changing the face of real estate in the entire area if a major earthquake ever occurs.

For now, however, real estate in New Madrid is scarce. Only one house is available, but it’s an attractive abode. The four bedroom, two bath house with a partial stone, partial wood exterior boast almost 3,000 square feet. With Swiss chalet windows and a spacious barn on the land, the house is a deal with a list price of $70,000. wood cabinets

Near New Madrid is Parma, Missouri which has another huge home currently for sale, listed at $140,000. Having over 3,000 square feet, the three bedrooms, three bath home has been completely updated with hardwood floors, new light fixtures, tile in the wet areas, and cathedral ceilings.

West of New Madrid is a healthy town called Poplar Bluff that has over 100 homes currently listed on the local MLS. On average, houses in this bigger town cost about $85,000 and values have maintained steady even through the real estate market slump of the last two years.

While one bathroom houses seem to be the trend in this area, most have ample square footage and are built with the Midwest know-how that makes them sturdy and long-lasting. Along with sturdy construction, Missouri homeowners know that proper maintenance of a home is important to prevent decay. Regular termite inspections, heat/air check-ups, re-caulking windows, making sure all exterior doors have proper weather-stripping, and other simple preservation work will protect again summer heat and winter chill.

They will remain long-lasting granted that the New Madrid Fault line remains quiet. Living in the area causes some a

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